Comics in Luxembourg, Part One: Luke Haas and The Pioneering M. Pitche

Comics from Luxembourg! Can you find Luxembourg on a map? Can you name the countries that surround it? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Liechtenstein instead? Or have you always thought Luxembourg was a fictional place, like Ruritania, the Grand Duchy of Fenwick, or Flin Flon? (Okay, one of those places is real; you’re online, look it up.) Continue reading

In Which Fritz Gareis, Jr. is Briefly Resurrected–But Such Things Never End Well

Well, I thought that I was all done with Fritz Gareis, at least for the time being; but then I discovered the Illustrierte Wochenpost (“Illustrated Weekly Post”). The Wochenpost, or as it liked to style itself, the Illwo, was one of Vienna’s most entertaining newspapers from late 1928 to mid-1939; it proudly bore on its masthead the subtitle Unterhaltungsblatt für Jedermann (“entertaining paper for everyone,” though literally “every man”). Continue reading