In Which Fritz Gareis, Jr. is Briefly Resurrected–But Such Things Never End Well

Well, I thought that I was all done with Fritz Gareis, at least for the time being; but then I discovered the Illustrierte Wochenpost (“Illustrated Weekly Post”). The Wochenpost, or as it liked to style itself, the Illwo, was one of Vienna’s most entertaining newspapers from late 1928 to mid-1939; it proudly bore on its masthead the subtitle Unterhaltungsblatt für Jedermann (“entertaining paper for everyone,” though literally “every man”). Continue reading

Fritz Gareis Puts Himself In the Picture

On 5 September 1924, “Frau Riebeisel,” leading lady of the comic strip Bilderbogen des kleinen Lebens, “has herself painted.” This is Vienna in the 1920s, after all; the place is crawling with artists, some of them quite famous. Gustav Klimt would have been just the ticket, but he was six years dead at this point, and probably well out of the Riebeisels’ budget either way, so someone less prominent will have to do. Continue reading